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Improving Your Writing



Writing a newsletter can sometimes be difficult. Many people shy away from it because they feel like their writing skills are not up to par. This is a common fear. The good news is that this fear can definitely be remedied.


In psychology, we learn that oftentimes people self select themselves out of doing something because they are doubtful of their ability to carry out a task or do an activity successfully. Instead of challenging the problem head on, they look for an escape. This kind of thinking is a cognitive mechanism called avoidance.


Many people practice avoidance when it comes to writing. However, I am here to tell you that you should no longer run away from your weaknesses. It might be tough, but you should take them head on. The best way to practice your writing is (maybe unfortunately) to do it again and again. Obviously, I know that this sucks, but I promise that you WILL get better if you keep doing it over and over.

There are several ways to practice your writing. One way is to pick a random topic and see how long you can write about that topic. This will help strengthen your command over the language in which you are writing. It expands your vocabulary and forces you to be creative with alternating sentence structure.

The best method for practicing writing is to do two excerpts of writing each day. Do one when you wake up in the morning and do one right after you eat dinner.

Good luck!