Save Paper



In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to hear that somebody cares about the environment. Heck, we do too – we feel that it’s a very important thing to take good care of what gives us all of our resources.

When it comes to newsletters, it might be difficult for somebody to see how they can make an impact on the environment with something that seems so detached from being ecologically conscious. However, making a difference is much easier than you might expect it to be.

So much paper

Every day in the office, we use tons and tons of paper. Even though a lot of things are going electronic in these modern times, we still rely on paper for communication every day. Whether it is letters or even files, chances are we will be heading down to the printer room to grab our papers that we just printed.

Save it

With newsletters, however, we don’t have to use paper. With the advent of high speed internet, we can send off a digital newsletter with images and even videos attached to thousands of people on the web. Most of the time, we can do this through email. You can use a database or an email aggregate website to send out an internet blast that will reach everyone.

No longer are the days where we have to waste hundreds and even thousands of pieces of paper on a newsletter that someone might read once and then dispose of in the garbage. Let’s go digital and be good to the environment.

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