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Making changes in a large organization can sometimes be difficult. There are so many people involved, and it can be hard to communicate ideas to all of them. When you are trying to effect a change, everybody needs to know. I’ve been working on the board of a baseball complex for years and understand all of the pains of making changes. While communication can sometimes be difficult, there are solutions available to suit your needs. One of those solutions is a newsletter. This is an effective way to make sure that everybody is in the loop. Below, I’ve included a story on how I used a newsletter to give updates on a complex restructuring project.

Building project


About five years ago, the baseball complex that I helped run was a burgeoning business. After the economic recession, people could afford to sign their kids up for baseball again, and the league counts were higher than ever. This resulted in some great attendances for games. Every Saturday, our complex would be full to the brim with people watching the games. We made a few small changes in the complex to accommodate everyone. We also had a concession stand put into the complex to sell goods to the complex attendees. This proved to be a very profitable venture. Our sales went through the roof and we ended up with a lot of money on our hands.

Having this economically advantageous position was good for us because we were able to look forward a little bit. We realized that with the growing numbers, our capacity would soon be full. We wanted our business to keep growing, so we decided that an expansion project was the best move. With the money that we had made from the last season, we were able to make a down payment on a contracting service. We also needed to clear some land. We used a search engine to find a tree cutting service. We got several results but ended up clicking the link Subsequently, we contacted a tree service Okemos. In this way, we were able to get the job done quickly.

While we were making progress, we realized that it would be a good thing to keep our attendees updated. We weighed out several options, but we figured out that a newsletter would be the best option. This proved to be very effective in helping regulate the traffic during the building process.

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