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You can ask most anyone. When it comes to writing, many people feel that their skill is inadequate. This is why when it comes to writing a company newsletter, many people will shy away from the task. I, however, feel pretty confident about my ability to write, and so when the opportunity came around, I jumped at it.

Let me just start by saying I never thought that I would be a newsletter writer. I got a degree in English in college and thought that I would go on to be a professor or some sort of book writer. However, when I graduated, I quickly realized that I needed to get a job to support myself because I had not income while I was writing books. I got an entry level job at a logistics company and have been doing supply management ever since. Life is weird like that sometimes.

Anyway, if you have fears about writing a company newsletter, you have come to the right place. I’m going to give you some tips that I’ve gotten from personal experience writing. Keep reading to get some more information.

The Newsletter


The biggest mistake that people write when making company newsletters is that they feel that they have to be official. This makes it hard for people to relate to it. What you should do instead is take a more relaxed approach to the newsletter. Start with a joke or a funny story (think about The Onion). This will allow people to ease into the letter and be more open to that information.

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