Writing Updates



Being in a position of power can be difficult at times. In addition to calling the shots and being in charge, you are also responsible for communicating changes and decisions to the members of your entity. This can be a challenging task.

In many instances, people in places of authority will send out a newsletter with updates on changes that have recently happened within the entity. This is a great approach that others should adopt. However, writing newsletter updates can present challenges of its own. In this post, we will explore some of those challenges and address how to overcome them. Keep reading to find out more information!


How often?

One question that is frequently asked is how often one should be writing these updates. There are several guidelines for writing these updates. For example, if there is some big change that happens within the entity, then a newsletter is obligatory. This will allow all members to be up to date with the big goings on of the group. If there is nothing large that happens, then releasing a newsletter on some sort of cycle is helpful. This cycle can be anywhere from monthly to once every six months. It’s up to you.

How long?

While it may seem to you that everybody wants a ten page update on how things are going, this is probably not the case. Many people (myself included) want to be able to read the newsletter and be done with it. Two to three pages is sufficient for most.

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