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I run an organized soccer cooperative that has experienced a great amount of success within the past decade. We started small. In the beginning, we only had 3 men’s teams. Now, we have boy’s and girl’s leagues up to age 18 as well as men’s and women’s leagues. This has resulted in a large increase in things to do and people to contact. Oftentimes, I had a hard time trying to get a hold of everyone or keeping them in the know of what’s happening in the cooperative.

This was a huge problem for me until about four years ago when I switched to sending out newsletters. This format of communication was absolutely perfect for me because I would get the emails of everyone from the registration forms. From there, I would put the emails into a spreadsheet and create my own database. This is super helpful because now everyone can get updates all at once. This makes my life immeasurably easier.


Field project

This newsletter came in handy when our league got too big for the fields we originally were using. As I said before, we went from a small league to a cooperative running 8 leagues each with 8 teams. When we got to a certain size, we made the decision that it was time to find better fields. We quickly realized that there were no fields to be found in the surrounding areas. We also realized that there was a nice parcel of land that was very cheap that we could use to make our own soccer complex. We knew this would be a big undertaking but decided that it was a necessary move to keep the cooperative going.

The purchasing of the parcel of land and the project to make them into soccer fields is where the newsletters came in handy. We used the newsletter to call a meeting of all participants in the cooperative. As a result, we were able to hold a large meeting and get a fundraiser going. We knew we needed to raise money to hire a tree service in Springfield. This was not hard, because we did our research online. The search engine gave us a few options ( and to be specific). We went with these and got a low cost quote that we could report to the cooperative. With the newsletter, we were able to tell our members how much money we needed to raise. Thankfully, our fundraising efforts were successful, and now we have plenty of space for the sport we love.

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