Choosing the Right Template


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When I first got into the world of newsletters, I was overwhelmed. I was completely inundated with options. For example, I had to figure out how I wanted to disseminate the information. Since we are in an age of technology, there are multiple ways to send out a newsletter. For example, some people choose to send it in an email blast to their whole email database. This is a good option, but it does seem to be a little bit impersonal. Others prefer to actually print out the newsletter and mail it to people. This can be great because it has a personal touch to it. However, it does waste a lot of paper and is not great for the environment. Still others like the web post approach. Essentially, they will type up a newsletter and post it to the organization/entity’s website. This is another great method but has a limited reach as many people will not venture onto that organization’s website for no reason.



I decided to to go the email route for the newsletters. This was great for me because I already had a large email database. I used a mail client to get all of the addresses organized so I could send the newsletter. Now came the tricky part: I had to figure out how to organize all of the information. This was not as hard as I had originally anticipated due to the wealth of free templates that exist on the internet. In no time, I found a great template that suited my needs and was able to send out a solid newsletter.

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