Uses for Newsletters

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If you are running some sort of organization, communication is key. If there is some sort of breakdown in communication, then the organization will not run as smoothly as possible.

I’ve experienced this in my own life with running PTA meetings for school that my kids attend. It is a fairly large¬†school district with many students in attendance. The PTA committee is well staffed, but when announcements had to be made, we found that we were experiencing trouble in relaying messages from the board to the lower ranks of staff.

We tried many different approaches. For example, we tried to make some sort of phone tree to relate the new happenings for the PTA. This was difficult because we would end up with a real life version of the game telephone. By the end of the phone tree, some information would be slightly distorted to the point where it was incorrect. This misinformation caused some operations that we ran to be inefficient. For example, our spring bake sale ended up having way too many pies and not enough cookies or brownies. This made it difficult for us to put on our end of the year parties for each of the classrooms.

The second thing that we tried was running a website. Unfortunately, we all lacked the technological expertise to make things smooth and clear. We also had some trouble acquiring an easy domain for members to locate.

Enter the newsletter. With a fast, easy, and free template, we were able to make sure that everyone had all of the information we wanted to share. As a result, the fall bake sale was a total success.

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